Results of katazome on canvas

Here's the result of the piece shown in progress in the previous post. I decided not to add any text over the water in the central portion; anything else would make it too busy. I used Surikomi Bake (dyeing brushes) to paint on multiple layers (3-4) of natural pigments  using soy milk as the binder. I enjoyed working with the canvas. Katazome materials and techniques are so elegant and adaptable; it is a  joy to use them to explore ideas like this.

NOTE: as of 8/23 my workshop has been cancelled.

Glimpse; Katazome; natural pigments on cotton canvas, 3x5', 2013

Detail 1

Detail 2

detail 3

Beginning katazome workshop offering

I'm offering a beginning katazome workshop in my home this September, over 2 consecutive weekends, Sept. 7-8 and Sept. 14-15. Please check my [workshop page] for complete details.

NOTE: as of 8/23 the workshop has been cancelled.

The workshop is limited 4 students. I'm wishing for warm sun so we can work outside as much as possible! 

the gazebo offers some work space, as does the yard and garden

Last week I began to work on a katazome piece, combining stencils in a way I have not done before. Decades ago a large window in our front porch was covered over with framework and stucco when a garage was put in. A former owner made a loose landscape painting on canvas, and bolted it to the wall to cover up the ugly 3x5' spot. I've wanted to replace this with something more meaningful. So I made a composition using 3 different stencils on a piece of 12 oz. cotton duck/canvas. The photo below shows the canvas after these stencils have been pasted. None of the stencils were designed for the compositional space.  While working, I masked some areas and allowed other areas to dry partially (i.e. to the not-so-sticky state) before pasting right next to them. This was a tricky process but I think the weight of the canvas made it easier.

design pasted on cotton duck piece approx 3x5' 

design pasted on cotton duck piece approx 3x5' 

Once the paste was dry, I painted on the natural pigments rather freely, softening  the hard edges where the rectangular parts of the composition meet. My intention is to paint a stanza of a favorite poem over the central water pattern.

In a week I'll rinse the paste off and share the result here.

canvas with 3 + layers of pigments/soymilk

canvas with 3 + layers of pigments/soymilk

Goings on ...

in the studio

I'm getting back into the studio finally after starting a new job this fall. I thought these (below) were going to be napkins for the household (estate sale vintage linen damask) but they are turning into something far more interesting - don't know what yet. Started with ecoprint bundles around my favorite fall leaves simmered in madder; then painted some natural pigments on that ... followed by a rice paste layer of my water stencil, using some thin tracing paper as a mask. More pigment layers and curing to come.

My daily walks along the shore frequently appear into my work.
along the shore

along the shore

From December 6 - January 15th I'm participating in a 3-person show in a pop-up/window gallery in downtown Minneapolis. You can find the details of the show by clicking the postcard image, below.

Materiality show postcard

Materiality show postcard