Pink sunrise and indigo crystals

Two smallish pieces are in the works, one of which I will submit to the annual BirdxBird benefit and silent auction here in Minneapolis. (This event is the hippest art event I have ever participated in!) My posts this week trace the progress of this work. Thankfully I'm closer to completing these pieces than the posts indicate. I get more focused as a deadline approaches. Yea for deadlines!

I dyed some linen/cotton blend with freeze dried indigo crystals. The indigo isn't as deep a value as I desired. I used a bucket inside a dishpan, replacing the water in the dishpan frequently to keep the temperature up. Stitched resist creates the line design. I Pulled the threads on one piece, which made air pockets. These need to be squished out before slipping the wet fabric into the vat. I'm a beginner with indigo.