Repeat Design Learning

This week I began pasting two table runner designs, as I had planned. Frustrations and learning followed. Designing repeats is a fascinating challenge, as is pasting them. One of the designs I created contains too much open area. It's the one in the lower area of the photo below, a minnow repeat. I wanted to design something that would be fairly quick, as well as fun, to dye, and not too fussy to line up (register). It fits these criteria but has other problems. I struggled with the consistency of the paste, and the stencil pulled away from the netting while lifting the stencil due to the narrow curved areas and perhaps problems with the reinforcing step.

With the other repeat, which I designed as a four-way repeat based upon my little garden species Tulips, I am trying simple graduated stripes of indigo and teal as well as a three color treatment. As I test the marketplace with some of these katazome works in a couple of weeks, I realize that the runners will most likely not be ready to show. The physical results of my efforts this week may become samples, quilt bits, or journal material. Oh well -- this is necessary learning and practice. I often bite off more than I can chew when I begin a creative project, but made a promise to myself that I would say "yes" to showing work more often. I am learning to celebrate all the stages of completion within the creative process.

Pasted runners

Mother Nature makes it look so easy.

Species tulips