Blue Moons and dots

It's nearly full moon. I will savor three full moons this month -- the two touchable blue moons I bought from Shibori Girl's shop (one moon, one bookmark) plus the one bright moon in the sky. Along with my moons, Glennis gave me 3 design stencils for kanoko shibori" that she brought back from Japan. They are pictured below, on top of the pasted cloth.


The stencils are not made from shibugami -- so I didn't soak them before pasting, which is my usual routine. I think they are made from another type of heavy paper and treated with shellac to make them water resistant. Since the margins are missing, I masked the fabric and used some newsprint to protect the fabric outside the designs from smears of rice paste. I intend to make an "instant indigo" vat this week, and dip these pieces. I wonder if the white dots will show, since the paste is only on one side. I will post the results later in the week.  I've used linen/cotton scraps and vintage cotton napkins I found at a local estate sale. The fabric has not been treated with soybean milk. This would prevent the indigo from penetrating to some extent.

The triangle pattern reminds me a little of this.