Three dips

The past few days have been warm enough to try an instant indigo vat outdoors! So here's an update on my experiment using the freeze dried "instant" indigo to dye over the paste-resist dot patterns described in my previous post. I dipped each sample in the indigo pail, briefly, 3 times, drying between each dip. Since there is rice paste on the surface, I can't leave it to soak. Therefore, many dips are required to darken the color. Today I dipped each piece again but I wonder if the vat is spent/oxidized. It didn't have the green scum on the surface when I started. I can add more freeze dried indigo and try again, but I need to wait for warmer weather. Solar energy is the best way to re-heat the vat and we've got some cool and rainy weather coming. The garden will like that!