Some greens (from pinks)

I completed my experiment with ice-flower dyeing (see book by India Flint) and below are some photos of the process. Really seat-of-the-pants fun. I over-dyed the silk and linen I had previously dyed in birch bark, which resulted in an earthy yellow/neutral, so that keep that in mind when you see all the green tones. Perhaps white would have yielded more blue. First, the final result, which I intend to incorporate in my woven pieces for the Cloth2Cloth workshop I'm enrolled in over at Jude Hill's place.

[caption id="attachment_2631" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="greens from pink gladiolas"]greens from pink gladiolas[/caption]

Then, if you're interested in seeing all the intermediate stages, here are a bunch more photos. What was surprising to me were the beautiful (and ephemeral) blues and purples and pinks from the initial squeezing of the flowers as well as  how much the color  changed with the mordants. The really peachy pink came from the vinegar mordant. The other 2 (of 3) bowls had a bit of alum mordant (one for cellulose and a different one for protein). These really went green, with the silk yielding the most lovely green in my opinion. The warm neutral (not green) silk above came with the vinegar as mordant.

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