Learning Mokuhanga

Two weeks ago I took a workshop in Japanese Woodblock printmaking at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis taught by master printer Keiji Shinohara. The week-long intensive was so satisfying--taught by a wonderful artist and encouraging instructor, with just enough time enough to design, carve and print an image.

This method of printmaking uses water-based pigments rather than oil-based inks, and a baren (flat, hand-held disc) rather than a press. Each block of a multiple-color print contains the registration marks within it. In developing my ideas for katazome work, it is difficult to make multiples of a layered image, i.e. one with more than one stencil or layer of color. I would like to be able to make multiples of my layered images, and to make them on paper. This is something I am currently exploring.

Here is the final print I made in class (my cat, Lester) along with an earlier sketch. He was a big fellow.