Works on paper


Here are a few observations related to my experiments with Katazome techniques on kozo paper.

  • Next time I will use the thickest possible kozo to minimize seepage through/under the paper.
  • I will also use a dryer brush!
  • The initial batch of soymilk seems to work best for painting because of its body (i.e. the milk resulting from the first spin of soybeans and water in the blender).
  • I am amazed by how the soymilk locks in the color -- 30 minutes in a water bath did not wash out any of it! I am also amazed by the strength of this beautiful paper! I got it from Wet Paint. They get these papers from The Japanese Paper Place in Toronto.
  • All types of paint work well. The most saturated colors were achieved with the silk paint and the gouache; I have yet to try the dry natural pigments that I bought from John Marshall.