A good day

I had a good day at the art fair -- Art at St. Kate's. Before the gates opened, I captured a few views of my booth. One of my customers commissioned a rabbit runner for her meditation room! It will hang on her wall, with all the rabbits ears up (as runners, they change direction in the middle). I will have it ready for the next show (Loring Park Art Festival in Minneapolis). The most interesting comments came from people who are frustrated with the rabbits in their gardens!

Booth view 2, katazome runners

Booth view 2, katazome runners

It's July in Minnesota.  The day started out hot and humid, and ended with two thunderstorms. A great adventure!


Pile of Pillows

Just completed a batch of Katazome (stencil-dyed) pillows, which I'll be showing in Art-A-Whirl this coming weekend (May 15-17, 2009). Art-A-Whirl is an open studio and gallery tour of Northeast Minneapolis featuring more than 600 NEMAA artists, including; potters, tile makers, painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, glass blowers, printmakers, jewelry makers, textile designers and more! I’ll be participating through Castle Building and Remodeling, Inc., 2600 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418. Please stop by!

The prints behind the sofa are part of a 12-piece stencil-dyed calendar (on Kozo) by Serizawa Keisuke (year 1971).

Coneflower pillow detail; natural pigments on linen